Kiel Germany Intercontinental Hotel

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In Germany, operators wishing to enter the market must sign a fixed lease agreement, which Templin considers to be the key to facilitating hotel development financially. Pfaff attributes this to a thriving domestic tourism market, which is gaining strength despite the worsening threat to the country. Germany jokes that it does not know of any leasing countries where developers and investors continue to prefer leasing contracts, while international operators have moved away from this approach.

Compared to other countries, Germany remains a leading country with more than 1.15 billion euros in hotel business in 2015. This corresponds to an audit-related increase of 3.4%, which is more than twice the global average of 1.5%. Germany has also attracted the attention of investors and international operators, which is reflected in impressive growth, with RevPAR growth of between 3% and 4% over the last two years. It is certainly a good sign for international hoteliers and investors that the utilization of these developments has reached impressive heights.

A strong internal market is an enormous advantage, which makes Germany somewhat independent of international demand. This makes Germany a very attractive destination for international hoteliers and investors, especially on the world market.

The great rooms, the excellent restaurant and the wellness centre are the perfect launching pad for a weekend in Kiel. On the way to the city center, Hotel Birke is a quiet and relaxing hotel to enjoy. After a day of sightseeing, enjoy a meal in the restaurant serving North German cuisine or retreat to the hotel's spa.

The hotel offers excellent rooms with chic aesthetics, a lively bar and an excellent restaurant. With its spacious lobby and open-air terrace overlooking the city centre, it is an ideal base for exploring Kiel.

If you have several cities that deserve the status of a capital, the infrastructure is well developed, so it is easy to organize events. There are a number of museums worth visiting, including the Natural History Museum Kiel and the National Library of Germany, as well as the city centre. It is also one of the countries with the highest concentration of art galleries and museums in the European Union (EU) and there are also many museums and galleries in other cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin - Stuttgart.

More About Kiel

More About Kiel